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The Creator of OnlineClock.net OnlineClock.net was conceived of and created in March, 2006 by Thomas M. Churm.

Mr. Churm is an ex-pat American citizen living in Berlin, Germany. After moving to Berlin from San Francisco, Mr. Churm worked at various odd jobs in Berlin (including working as a construction worker, sorting garbage, sorting wood pieces at a recycling plant, and teaching English), before he took a one year course in web programming.

Delighted by his introduction to web programming, Mr. Churm then began to work full-time at various Internet Technology and start-up companies in Berlin as a Web Developer. Not content to only code websites at work, Mr. Churm also learned that he enjoys creating websites as a hobby during his free time on evenings and weekends. After having created several relatively unknown websites, Mr. Churm thought it would be interesting to come up with an idea for a website for something new that the entire world would potentially find very useful.

The idea for the world's original Online Alarm Clock came to Mr. Churm one evening when he was having trouble sleeping. Immediately recognizing the idea as being a very good one, Mr. Churm got up, out of bed, and wrote the idea down on a piece of paper ("create an online alarm clock"), so that he wouldn't forget it when he woke up again the next day.

Online Clock Logo (Click to download a larger version)

Sure enough, upon waking up the next day, Mr. Churm discovered the note which he had written to himself the previous evening. And on that very day (March 24th, 2006), he registered the domain name OnlineClock.net and created the first prototype version of the world's original Online Alarm Clock website.

Although it may seem difficult to believe now, back in 2006 the idea of a website being used as an alarm clock was very startling and novel. For this reason, it didn't take long for OnlineClock.net or "Online Clock" as it is often called by its fans, to become popular. Specifically, a story about OnlineClock.net became popular enough so that it was promoted to the first page of Digg.com back on September 7th, 2006.

Screen Shot of the Digg Story that started it all!

The explosion of popularity and traffic resulting from appearing on the first page of Digg.com was enough to break OnlineClock.net's servers multiple times back then. As a result, Online Clock was forced to switch to using more powerful web servers to host its website. (Presently, OnlineClock.net uses powerful "cloud servers" to ensure that it has close to 100% up-time.) The attention and acclaim that the website achieved back then was enough to give Online Clock its first real start in the web world.

OnlineClock has created an infographic on the History of Online Clock which you can find on its blog. This infographic references most of the important milestones in the tumultuous history of the world's original Online Alarm Clock website.

People have been talking about and sharing OnlineClock.net with their friends ever since...so that the website now boasts over 4 million visits per month. Online Clock has also been mentioned by the New York Times, one of the world's greatest newspapers. We have also been featured in this revealing and flattering interview on Vice.com's Motherboard magazine.

The Creator of Online Clock Having Fun

The world's original Online Alarm Clock website is still a labor of love run by its creator and sole owner, Thomas Churm. If you'd like to schedule an interview with Mr. Churm, please contact him at any time using the contact information found on this page. He'll be more than delighted to speak to you.

In the photo on the right, you'll see Online Clock's creator in one of his lighter moments...

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