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  • What is this site?
    This site aims to be the world's first Online Clock Radio, an internet radio with an alarm clock function reminiscent of older clock radios from the 1970s with glowing red LED displays. However, our Online Clock Radio is of course a website, so our clock radio will have some big differences from normal clock radios which you are used to.

  • What are the requirements?
    The Online Clock Radio just requires the free Flash browser plugin which you probably already have installed. If you don't you can download it here:

  • Why can't I wake up to a radio station?
    We understand that it is confusing that there is currently no function to wake up to your desired radio station. The reason why this function doesn't exist is because some radio stations in our list unfortunately have recurring downtime. believes that it's very important that you're awakened or reminded when you need to be. For this reason, we have chosen to use only our alarm sound to wake you or remind you, since this is far more reliable than most internet radio stations. We constantly monitor our servers for performance and uptime to ensure that our alarm clock will wake you up when it's supposed to.

  • Why do the bookmark links open in a new window?
    We need to have separate windows opened for the bookmark functionality, so that you won't lose any alarms which you have set. Also, refreshing your current window would stop any radio station which you are currently listening to.

  • Why don't some radio stations work?
    We're sorry, but we have no control over the quality of the individual radio stations. We believe that the vast majority of all radio stations listed in our index are valuable and that these mostly function without errors, but the radio stations' own servers do experience technical problems from time to time. If this occurs, we urge you to simply try listening to a different radio station.

  • Who can I contact if I have comments, suggestions or need help?
    Please feel free to contact us via email at: info [ at ] OnlineClock [ dot ] net. More information on can be found here:

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