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Online Clock Alarm Sounds & Sound Effects

  • Default Alarm: if you ever want to switch back to using our site's normal beeping alarm sound, use this one!

  • Falling Bomb: take cover, fast! A bomb has been dropped. It's falling fast and it's getting ready to Explode!

  • Police Car: what did you do this time? Well, whatever it was...the Cops are after you. They're on their way here!

  • Rooster: Cock-a-doodle-doo! You'll feel cozy back home on the farm when you wake up with our Rooster.

  • Cuckoo Clock: go "Old School" by waking yourself up with the sounds of a typical Cuckoo Clock bird!

  • Military Trumpet: get up, Soldier! It's time to get those boots on and hit the Mess Hall...unless you want to get Court-Martialed!

  • Crying Baby: planning on having Kids? This Crying Baby sound effect can help prepare you for all of those sleepless nights you'll have ahead of you...

  • Harp Strumming: for those of you looking for a Pleasant sound, try out this gentle strumming of a musician's Harp. This one's nice.

  • Train Whistle: stand clear and wait...because a Train is approaching and it's traveling through quickly!

  • Bird Song: listen closely. It's quiet & rather gentle, but using Bird Songs as your alarm can be a pleasant experience!

  • Foghorn: it's a foggy evening on San Francisco Bay and the boats are letting one another know where they're located in the fog!

  • Alien Ship: it'll be time to jump out of your bunk and fight the Aliens when you wake up to this one.

  • Angry Monkey: there's a monkey on the loose. And he's definitely NOT happy.

  • Marching Robots: the Robots are attacking humankind...and they're Marching forward!

  • Heavy Metal: wake up ready to Rock! And start the day by Banging your head, the Heavy Metal way...

  • Nuclear Warning: it'll be time to head for the Fallout Shelter when you hear this warning of an imminent Nuclear Attack!

  • Zombie: he's already dead and he only mumbles, but still...this Zombie can be lots of fun at parties!

  • Belch / Burp: how could you! I mean, really...some Alarms simply have no manners these days!

  • Woman Screaming: this alarm is truly awful, but it's useful in getting your attention.

  • Applause: are you the type of person who needs to be congratulated, just for getting out of bed in the morning? Then our Applause Alarm is perfect for you!

  • Dog Barking: they may be Man's Best Friend...but not when they're waking you up early in the morning with this annoying barking!

  • Cat Meowing: Grumpy Cat is really grumpy when she's up early in the morning and waiting for you to feed her.

  • Cats & Dogs: what's worse than a dog or cat waking you up early? Several loud dogs AND cats waking you up together!

  • Randomizer: Feel like being surprised? This option will randomly choose one of the (non-default) Alarm Options listed above. Try it! (HINT: some alarms are "Softer" than others, so this might not be the best choice for waking yourself up!)

Your chosen Alarm Sound will then be used sitewide, on all the non-mobile Timers, Countdowns & Clocks on (other than our Video Clock). Our Custom Alarm function also requires that "Cookies" are enabled in your web browser.

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Suggest New Alarms & Report Bugs !

Is there some type of Alarm Sound you'd like to use on Online Clock that's not yet listed above? Then please write us and let us know! Also, please write us if you encounter any kind of bugs using our Custom Alarms. You can contact us via the Email address info [ at ] OnlineClock [ dot ] net.

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