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  • What is the Video Alarm Clock?
    OnlineClock's Video Clock is a special form on online alarm clock that lets you use online videos from as an alarm. You can set alarms using our Video Alarm Clock to wake yourself up or as useful online reminders, just like you can with our other online alarm clocks. The only difference here is that you can use YouTube videos as alarms.

  • What are the requirements?
    In short: there are no special requirements to use the Video Alarm Clock other than JavaScript and Cookies and Flash, which are things that most people already have installed or enabled in their web browsers anyway. Please note: some videos on YouTube have "embedding" disabled. This means that the content owners don't wish them to be displayed on other web pages. If for whatever reason a video doesn't play properly when you preview it on our Video Alarm Clock, simply choose a different video to use as your alarm. You'll also need an internet connection.

  • Can I use the video alarm I've chosen for your other clocks?
    Not currently. Our main online alarm clock is so popular, we're leaving it unchanged. For now, you'll have to use as your alarm clock, if you wish to be awakened with a video alarm. But who knows? We may change this in the future.

  • Can I use videos from video sites other than YouTube?
    Currently, our Video Alarm Clock is just supporting YouTube videos, since YouTube is the "Big Daddy" of video sites. However, if enough people request that videos from other video portals should also be supported by our Video Alarm Clock, we'll certainly consider making the required changes.

  • Can I switch back and forth between different video alarms?
    Yes, you can! You can easily switch back and forth between different alarm videos that you've found by bookmarking your favorites and then coming back to them. You can only have one active video alarm at a time, so be sure to look for the "Bookmark & Share" link that will let you easily bookmark your favorite video alarms for future use. Once you've bookmarked a video alarm that you like, you can then switch to a different one, and later return to the ones you've bookmarked.

  • How do I add a video as an alarm?
    We've tried to make it extremely easy for you to add any YouTube video as your desired alarm for our Video Alarm Clock. All you have to do is visit the Video Alarm Clock and choose a video to use as an alarm via one of these five different methods:
    • Enter in the URL to a YouTube Video on (such as:
    • Enter in the Video ID for a YouTube Video (such as: 2saWnq7s4Co)
    • Enter in some Keywords to search for a suitable video on YouTube (such as: "Interview With An Alarm Clock", or other kewords from the title or description of a YouTube video)
    • Access the URL for our Video Alarm Clock by adding a YouTube URL to the end of it (such as:
    • Use our handy Video Alarm Clock Bookmarklet. See the next FAQ for a full description of this!

  • How do I install your Bookmarklet?
    Bookmarklets are tiny tool buttons you add to your web browser's Bookmarks Toolbar. Once you've installed the Video Alarm Clock Bookmarklet, you can visit any video on and then click the Bookmarklet: you'll then automatically be taken to our page where you can preview the video & set it as an alarm. To install our Video Alarm Clock Bookmarklet, bookmark the following link:
    Video Alarm

    Drag this link to your Bookmarks Toolbar, or right-click it and choose "Bookmark This Link" and then "Create in Bookmarks Toolbar".

  • Who can I contact if I have comments, suggestions or need help?
    Please feel free to contact us via email at: info [ at ] OnlineClock [ dot ] net. More information on can be found here:

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